Operating Systems for Hunter Douglas Blinds

Hunter Douglas offers a variety of operating systems for their vertical blinds and horizontal blinds. The number of choices isn’t quite as overwhelming as color, style, and texture, but there are still quite a few. If you need help deciding, talk to one of our experts at Cohen Window Fashions.

Use These Operating Systems to Adjust Your Vertical Blinds

PermAssure® - This system allows you to move your vertical blinds from one side to the other and open and close the vanes with a single wand. No cords or remotes needed.

PermaTilt™ - A wand is also used in this system, but the wand has a cord within it to open or close the blind and the wand rotates the vanes.

Chain and Cord – Use the cord to open and close your blinds and the chain loop to turn the vanes. This traditional system is standard on all Hunter Douglas vertical blinds.

PowerGlide® - PowerGlide gives you the ability to adjust your blinds with the touch of a button. Using a Platinum remote, you can open and close your vertical blinds or rotate the vanes without leaving your seat.

PowerView™ - Take window treatment automation one step further with PowerView. This motorized system gives you the ability to operate your vertical blinds with a remote, whole home automation system, or mobile device.


LiteRise® - Cords are no longer a concern with LiteRise. Simply push up on the blind to raise it or pull it down to lower it, then use the wand to tilt the slats.

SimpleLift™ - SimpleLift operates similar to LiteRise, but requires a button on the bottom rail to be pressed before the blind will move, making it safer for small children.

Standard Cordlock – This system operates horizontal blinds with cords. One set of cords is use to raise and lower the blinds, and another set of cords tilts the slats.

UltraGlide® - If you prefer the simplicity of a corded horizontal blind, but don’t like the longer cords that result when the blind is open, consider UltraGlide. This system uses a retractable cord that stays the same length regardless of the blind’s position.

PowerRise® - Pair this feature with PowerTilt to give you complete automated control of your horizontal blinds. PowerRise raises or lowers your window treatments with a remote or wall switch.

PowerView™ - PowerView not only gives you the power to operate several of your horizontal blinds at once with a remote or mobile device, you can also adjust your blinds even when you aren’t home. Use the PowerView app to schedule times for your blinds to open and close or move them whenever and wherever you choose over wi-fi.

With over 30 years of experience in the window treatment business, Cohen Window Fashions can answer any questions you may have about these blind operating systems. We proudly serve Palm Beach, Broward, Dade and the surrounding counties!